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Direct money transfer

Direct Transfer

Find a quicker and easier way to send money home through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network in United States and ACSS(Automated Clearing Settlement System) network in Canada. You can stay home and transfer money to India completely online. Simply log in to your Click2Remit account, activate your overseas bank account, make a transfer request, and leave the rest to us.

  • Multiple options to deliver the money to your receiver
  • Transfer to Kotak Mahindra Bank Accounts or Transfer to accounts held with nearly 100 banks in India or deliver by Demand Draft. Check timelines here.
  • Track the status of the transfer in your Click2Remit account
  • This facility is available in USD and CAD
  • Avail attractive exchange rates

This mode uses the ACH and ACSS platform, an electronic fund transfer system (for US and Canada banks) that allows for inter-bank transaction clearing to process financial transactions electronically without using paper instruments.

How it works

Transfer Flow: 3 - 4 - 5

  1. For account registration, log in to Click2Remit and Add a Bank Account by entering the required details like bank routing number, account number and type. Once you have added the bank details, you will need to click on the Activate for Direct Transfer link.
  2. Check your registered bank account in 1-2 Working days for 3 less-than-one dollar (in cents) transactions in the form of 2 deposits and 1 withdrawal. If successful, the transactions can be seen in your bank account statement as:
    • Deposit 1 : Kotak2INDIA PYMT $ 0.15
    • Deposit 2 : Kotak2INDIA PYMT $ 0.35
    • Withdrawal 1 : Kotak2INDIA COLL - $ 0.50

    *Amounts are indicative and will be different in your account.

  3. If your account details are incorrect, your bank will report the unsuccessful transaction to us.
  4. Go to View Banks in your Click2Remit account on the same day when the transactions can be seen and select Activate for Direct Transfer link. Enter the amounts you see in your account statement in the corresponding boxes provided on this link.
    • As per the example above, you would have to enter 0.15 and 0.35 against the Amount Credited and 0.50 against the Amount Debited.
  5. Once your account is activated, select Direct Transfer as the mode to send money using this option.
  6. On receipt of instructions via our Correspondent Bank, the money is delivered to the receiver


  • The Withdrawal amount is equal to the sum of the Deposit amounts, leaving your account balance unaffected by these transactions.
  • If you see only one Deposit transactions in place of two, please contact your bank for the correct details of the Deposits and Withdrawals.
  • You can enter the Deposit values in any sequence and the withdrawal amount in Amount Debited.
  • As a security measure we allow only up to three attempts to enter Account Validation details after which you must initiate activation again.
  • In case of incorrect details or failed registration or validation, restart the process.

Transfer Timelines

For Direct credits to Kotak Mahindra Bank accounts, transfers shall be made within 5 working days after instructions have been received by us .

In case of Electronic credits to non-Kotak Mahindra Bank accounts through the RTGS / NEFT system facilitated by the Reserve Bank of India, funds will be transferred on the same day as the timeline mentioned above (Direct credit), however final credit is dependent on Receiver bank's timelines, generally within 1-3 working days.

Payment to a Credit Card will take an additional 1 working day after the time line mentioned above (Direct credit), however final credit is dependent on the card issuing bank's timelines, generally within 3 working days.

Demand Drafts shall be dispatched within an additional 1 working day after the time line mentioned above (Direct credit),and the DD shall be dispatched to the beneficiary by courier which takes about 1-4 days.

Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays in Remitting and Receiving countries.


USD Limit CAD Limit
Minimum you will need to send
USD 100
CAD 100
Maximum you can send per transaction per day
USD 5000
CAD 5000
Maximum you can send per week (subject to 5 transactions per week)
USD 15,000
CAD 15,000
Maximum you can send per month (subject to 12 transactions per month)
USD 20,000
CAD 20,000