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Bank Transfer to India

Bank Transfer

Click2Remit's Bank Transfer is a completely online method to remit money to India from your home itself. Simply log in to your Click2Remit account, enter transfer details, quote your transaction ID on your remitting bank's internet banking system and have your money delivered.

  • 100% online money transfer transaction
  • Multiple options to deliver the money to your receiver
  • Transfer to Kotak Mahindra Bank Accounts or Transfer to accounts held with over 100 banks in India or deliver by Demand Draft. Check timelines below
  • Track the status of the transfer in your Click2Remit account
  • This facility is available in AED.
  • Avail attractive exchange rates

This mode uses the Internet banking platform, to initiate inter-bank transactions from your local bank account to Kotak Mahindra Bank for onward credit to the receiver.


How it works

Transfer Flow: 3 - 4

  1. Select the Bank transfer option to enter transaction details and receiver's details.
  2. Confirm and note the transaction reference number generated here.
  3. Initiate an internet banking transfer from your local overseas bank account mentioning the transaction reference number.
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank's Correspondent Bank will then receive the funds.
  5. On receipt of instructions from our Correspondent Bank the money is transferred to the receiver.


  • Mention your transaction ID in the purpose, remarks or instructions field in your online bank account for tracking purposes.
  • Use a single transaction reference code for one transfer only.
  • Check if the bank details you provide in your Click2Remit account match the bank account from which you are transferring money online.
  • Ensure that the actual amount remitted is equal to the amount provided on Click2Remit. Please ensure complete and correct information as we do not take any responsibility for delay in receipt of funds from the Originating Bank due to incomplete information.

Transfer Timelines:

For Direct credits to Kotak Mahindra Bank accounts, transfers shall be made within 1-2 working days of funds being received by us from the Overseas Bank.

In case of Electronic credits to non-Kotak Mahindra Bank accounts through the RTGS / NEFT system facilitated by the Reserve Bank of India, funds will be transferred on the same day as the timeline mentioned above (Direct credit), however final credit is dependent on Receiver bank's timelines, generally within 1-3 working days.

Payment to a Credit Card will take an additional 1 working day after the time line mentioned above (Direct credit), however final credit is dependent on the card issuing bank's timelines, generally within 3 working days.

Demand Drafts shall be dispatched within an additional 1 working day after the time line mentioned above (Direct credit),and the DD shall be dispatched to the beneficiary by courier which takes about 1-4 days.

Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays in Remitting and Receiving countries.


Transaction AED
Minimum you will need to send 100
Maximum you can send per transaction 50000
Maximum you can send per week (subject to 4 transactions per week) NA*
Maximum you can send per month (subject to 4 transactions per month) 200000

NA*: Not applicable